Ship of the Year 2007 – M/S «NORMAND SEVEN»

M/S «NORMAND SEVEN» – the largest offshore vessel built at Ulstein

M/S «NORMAND SEVEN» with hull no. 277 will be delivered from Ulstein Verft AS, Ulsteinvik on 6 July to the Owners, Solstad Offshore ASA, Skudesneshavn. This is a large Offshore Construction Vessel capable of undertaking all aspects of offshore construction and installation works. The vessel is designed by Vik-Sandvik in close co-operation with the Owners and is of VS 4220 OCV design.The new design is based on the experience of the «Normand Cutter», «Normand Clipper» and «Normand Installer», and Vik-Sandvik has delivered complete engineering for the vessel. The contract price was around NOK 650 million.
The vessel is built for world-wide sub-sea operations including operation in coastal waters. The vessel is designed with emphasis on efficiency, safety and economy with considerations to restrict environmental pollution.
Following the delivery of the vessel she enters a contract with Subsea 7 for a duration of eigth years. The vessel will during the first 18 months be employed installing flexible pipes (risers and flowlines) at Petrobras’ prestige project Roncadore in Brazil.
The newbuilding can offer ROV support (side loading both sides) and has DP IMO class III. The vessel was originally equipped with a moonpool. But due to the large rebuilding of the vessel, Ulstein Verft has sealed the moonpool and prepared the vessel for a laying deck. When delivered from Ulstein the ship will be equipped with a 250 metric ton heave compensated crane.
With a length of 130 metres, beam of 28 metres and steel weight around 5,700 metric tons the vessel loomed large in Ulstein Verft’s dock hall. The ship is built and painted in dry dock inside this covered dock hall, thus ensuring controllable atmosphere and the best quality of work. The size of the wheelhouse is around 400 square metres.

The Owners

Solstad Shipping AS was established by Captain Johannes Solstad. After about 10 years in operation the company started its offshore activities by ordering four supply vessels from a Dutch shipyard. In 1997 the company was listed on the stock exchange under the name Solstad Offshore ASA. The status at the end of 2006 shows a fleet of 34 fully owned/jointly owned and leased vessels, including 12 newbuildings. The offices in Skudesneshavn and Aberdeen operate around 30 vessels. Approximately half the fleet is employed outside of the North Sea.
The fleet can be split into threee categories; construction vessels, anchor handling tug tug supply vessels and supply vessels.

The Yard

With 90 years experience in shipbuilding, the Ulstein Group has developed considerable expertise in the development, building and sale of vessels designed for demanding marine operations. In addition, the Group has built up a high level of competence within ship design and marine electrical systems and electronics. Quality and flexibility both in design and implementation allow the Ulstein Group to produce new and improved ships and ship systems for the global market. At the end of 2006 the Ulstein Group had approximately 600 employees.
Ulstein Verft AS is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of specialised vessels; primarily anchor handling tug supply vessels, platform supply vessels and specialised and multifunctional vessels.
The shipyard serves as the Ulstein Group’s development base for the detail design and assembling of capital and equipment intensive specialised vessels and is the Group’s most important expertise base for carrying out projects. Yard number 277 is an example of a complex project that has contributed to raise the level of Ulstein’s shipbuilding expertise.
The main yard is in Ulsteinvik, Norway, but there is also a department in Vanylven, Norway, where steel-sections for the main yard are built. The steel intensive components of the hull are manufactured at Maritim-Shipyard Sp. z.o.o. in Poland and production there is followed up by the Ulstein Poland Ltd. The hull was built at Maritim-Shipyard Sp. z.o.o. in Poland and the superstructure and the wheelhouse was built at the Ulstein Verft’s Vanylven department.

The design

Established in 1975, Vik-Sandvik AS is a world leading independent marine consultants design company situated in Fitjar, Norway specializing in fishing vessels, research vessels, offshore vessels, seismic vessels and conversions.
Vik-Sandvik AS offers a range of services to the maritime community, based on expertise and innovation utilising progressive and advanced technology.The company is a member of Vik-Sandvik Group which represents the largest independent source of ship designs and naval architectural services in Europe, capable of supplying design and complete drawing packages to ship owners and shipyards.
The Vik-Sandvik Group comprises several independent, complementary consultancy and engineering companies, all of which provide design and engineering services, consultancy and associated products to the ship building industry and shipping in general.
In total, for more than 30 years, the group’s companies have been resposible for the design and engineering of about 400 ships, of almost all types, built at shipyards throughout the world. For each type of ship designed, specialised knowledge, accumulated trough years of experience, is applied to integrate new technology into proven solutions to achieve products with which the customer is well served.


The work progression for the vessel has been:
•    Contract concluded 19 August 2005
•    Steelcutting 3 February 2006
•    Towing from Poland started 15 November 2006
•    Arrival Ulstein Verft 20 November 2006
•    Docking 23 November 2006
•    Launching 1 April 2007
•    Delivery from yard 6 July 2007

Main particulars:

Length o.a 130.20 m
Length b.p.p. 118.40 m
Beam mld. 28.00 m
Depth moulded to main deck 12.00 m
Dwt on 8.00m draft about 11,750
Deck cargo capacity about 5,150 t
Deck cargo area about 2000 m2
Deck strength 10 t/m2
Draft design 6.20 m
Draft summer 8.60 m
GT about 14,145
Fuel oil about 2,414 m3
Diesel oil about 702 m3
Ballast water about 6,924 m3
Fresh water about 900 m3


The vessel has class with DNV ?1A1, SF, E0, DynPos-AUTR, CLEAN DESIGN, COMF-V(3), HELDK-SH, ICE C, CRANE, DK (+), TMON. Arrangement and equipment according to NAUT-OSV. Flag: NIS.


In addition to the 250 tons offshore crane already mentioned, the vessel has a deck crane and two folding type cranes. The main winch has 250 tons capacity and the auxiliary winch is of 20 tons SWL.
The vessel is equipped with roll dampening system and anti heeling system. The heli-deck measures 22.2m in diameter.
The newbuilding is constructed for a complement of 100 persons, including 21 state cabins and 19 single cabins, mess and two dayrooms, conference rooms and hospital. The lifesaving equipment incorporates two enclosed lifeboats each of 102 persons and six life rafts of 35 persons each.


M/S «NORMAND SEVEN» has diesel electric machinery and propulsion consisting of four main engines of 2880 kW each plus two main engines of 3840 kW each. Four main generators each has a rating of 2760 eKW and two are rated as 3690 eKW. The propeller plant consists of two azimuth thrusters each of 5000 kW. The vessel’s thruster equipment comprises two tunnel thrusters forward each of 1500 kW, one retractable azimuth forward of 2000 kW and one tunnel thruster aft, rated at 1500 kW. The vessel’s speed i about 16.5 knots.