Far Samson

Ship Of The Year 2009 – Far Samson

FAR SAMSON elected Ship of the Year 2009

The multifunctional Plough/Tug/Supply/Subsea Vessel FAR SAMSON was today declared Ship of the Year 2009 by His Royal Highness King Harald V and the Norwegian State Secretary Rikke Lind at Nor-Shipping. The vessel was delivered from STX Norway Offshore AS – Langsten to Farstad Construction AS on 24th March 2009.

Many of the ideas for the newbuilding are based on the experience gained through the operation of FAR SOVEREIGN which has performed trenching works since 1999. This vessel made single vessel operation possible which meant a big step forward in efficiency.

FAR SAMSON is purpose built for seabed pipeline trenching, pulling a remote controlled plough on the seabed laying the pipeline in an up to 2.5m deep ditch in one operation. Afterwards the ditch is backfilled by a different plough. The vessel is furthermore fully equipped for Subsea Contruction and IMR duties.

During the bollard pull test, an official world record was established as 423 metric tonnes continuous bollard pull was achieved and verified by DNV.

The vessel has a hybrid propulsion system and is very fuel efficient, and the generator engines are equipped with catalytic converters which result in 95% NOx reduction. The class notation Clean Design is implemented, as well as NAUT OSV A and Comfort class.

The prestigeous SHIP OF THE YEAR-award is instituted by the major Norwegian shipping magazine SKIPSREVYEN. Price candidates are nominated by the readers of the magazine, but the final election is the responsibility of a jury consisting of the Publisher and Editor of SKIPSREVYEN, Mr. Asle B. Strønen, the former MD of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association Mr. Rolf Sæther and the MD of the sales and marketing organization Norwegian Shipyards, Mr. Birger Skår.