“With Harvest” soon to be delivered

This summer Fiskerstrand Verft will deliver the first out of two LNG powered fish feed carriers, the “With Harvest”, to the owner Egil Ulvan Rederi. The vessel concept is tailor made by the Norwegian ship designer Multi Maritime in close cooperation with Egil Ulvan Rederi, based on functional requirements from Marine Harvest ASA. The vessels are assigned to a long term charter party with Marine Harvest ASA. The Ship of the Year candidate will feature a brand new cargo handling system by Graintec.

The “With Harvest” and her sister vessel will be tailor made for transporting fish feed from the factory in Bjugn, currently under construction, to fish farms along the coast of Norway in a highly efficient, economical and environmental friendly way.

The vessel is designed for lowest possible environmental footprint to air and sea which was of major importance for Marine Harvest as the charterer. The LNG-gas-electric propulsion system has a major impact to the reduced carbon footprint, and the vessel is designed to run on pure LNG in all operations, even on DP.

The vessel will feature a new closed loop loading and offloading solution developed by Graintec in cooperation with Multi Maritime, the ship owner and the charterer Marine Harvest.

The cargo handling system is a new technology developed for a seamless co-operation with the land based fish feed processing plant currently under construction at Bjugn in Mid-Norway.

The “With Harvest” will be loaded by single closed point at top of the cargo holds and distributed to the cargo holds onboard by a conveyor system at both starboard and portside of the vessel. The closed point will protect the local environment from both dust and odor together with a filter on the air extraction.

The cargo holds will be emptied through a conveyor system in the bottom of the vessel and lifted to the top of the wheelhouse by an elevator. From the elevator another conveyor system is transporting the fish feed to the unloading crane and further to the storage position of the different fish farms while vessel is kept in position on DP mode.

The loading and unloading is remote controlled and monitored during the effective cargo handling, loading on capacity of 300 t/h and unloading on capacity 200 t/h. The unloading crane has an outreach of more than 25 meters.

For increased efficiency bunkering of LNG is performed simultaneously with loading of cargo.